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A Rare Fish Caught In West Africa. 


A fish resembling a turtle has been found in the streets of Dakar in Senegal. “We have never seen a fish of this sort” said Modou Pouye a apprentice Chauffeur working nearby.

The fish was found, amazingly not in a market but in a busy car park.

“We found the fish here this morning and there was a lot of people around looking at it” enthused Malick a passerby, “but we do not know what kind of fish it is, I have never seen a fish like that before”.

The owner apparently went to town for other activities and left it to a ‘friend’ to look after it.

A few men sitting in a car waiting to be transported pointed to someone 500 yards away, saying “he was the keeper”. His name was Badou.

He explained: “The fish belongs to a reseller called Karim, he said that he bought it from Yoff (a fishing coast in the North east of Dakar). He is selling it”.

Another onlooker said” this fish is a rare fish, it is called WARERE in Wolof (a west african language) and has a great taste, even better than chicken.”

It was quite surprising that someone might expose a fish to be consumed in a car park instead of a market, in a air conditioned shop or fridge.

“it does not deteriorate that quick…” added Badou, it may stay here for a while longer.

The amazing fish is estimated to weight about 7kg, it has a normal fish head however it has no tail. It has two fins on its sides at the rear allowing it to swim, somewhat like a turtle. A big hole is found above its back reminesence of a sperm whale’s breathing nostril.

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